A New Myth Emerges

October 27, 2014 | Writings

A new myth is apparently unfolding.  That is to say, a narrative is on the horizon which encourages diversity in our understanding of the Whole—incorporative of the Divine, Human, and Cosmos in irreducible interdependent relationship.

Open conversation with persons who think differently provides a solid way to confront the problem of religious pluralism. Dialogical dialogue is a process of authentic reciprocity. This model of communication is distinguished from dialectical dialogue which involves defending one’s position against another.

An exchange of religious experience is much more fruitful than discussions about doctrine.  An intercultural encounter leads to intra-religious fecundation without a shallow eclecticism.  Envision being liberated from several self-imposed and culturally cultivated barriers to the realization of a fuller religious life.  Key to a united step toward peace is an understanding of the Human-Divine (Christ) in our current world capable of transcending cultural differences.

Models of scientific theories calculate, quantify, reduce, and induce mechanism.  The scientific paradigm does not include Man the observer among the data.  Therefore, reality is split into compartments.  Any form of rationalistic reductionism leads to a limited comprehension of reality.

Only a holistic insight of reality will essentially orient us. Myriad opinions and specialized knowledge abound in a complicated world. Old models of the universe do not sufficiently consider our present information or contemporary needs. Our present world view is a cosmology from a western scientific perspective. Our perspective is based on quantifiable criteria and therefore necessarily reduces the picture we perceive of the universe. Yet, there are many cultures with divergent world views.

Everything is related to everything without monistic identity and dualistic separation.  This recognition will help support a contemporary spirituality as we engage in the dawning of an emerging new myth.  This spirituality requires a more complex religious consciousness. Paradoxically, we need to simplify our contemplative intention and focus with a pure heart and poverty of spirit.  This spirituality manifests in the archetype of a human being as the cosmic person—a sort of microcosm of the macrocosm who joins the cosmos, humanity, and the divine.

We can experience the mystical dimension of reality and are capable of making the distinction without indulging in separation.  This aspiration is hopeful for anyone attentively listening to the divine voice in our unparalleled age. This model of spirituality incorporates ancient wisdom with novel discoveries of our time.  Considering implications of postmodern convergences toward global consciousness, a spirituality of this nature offers a plausible narrative of indestructible meaning.  It could also offer a model of practice for our global future.

The greatest endowment at our disposal is our consciousness. This gift facilitates our capacity to be creative, imaginative, and spiritually alert to more fully participate in the cosmic evolutionary process. The heart of our humanity is the ability to invoke the wisdom that comes from within. This contemplative wisdom first manifests itself in the evolving creative process. We detect this inspirited, creative energy, name it sacred and call it the divine life force (or God).

The Originating and Sustaining Mystery is radically transparent for those who can see. Seeing is inseparably interconnected with our specifically human core. This seeing of things as they are is the full maturation of the human process. It is central—the endpoint of the Great Wisdom that is Great Compassion.