Mind beyond Mind

January 5, 2014 | Poetry

Mind beyond Dreaming—
seeing beyond shadows
seeing all the world
from everywhere all at once.

Mind can see so many things,
whether thinking deeply or not,
but none of it is mere daydreaming—
Mind moves through shadows
beyond to the hidden secrets
that cast all the unreal shadows
we are tricked to think are real.

Mind filled with peace
I am alone—
joy deeper than an ocean river
healing everything broken—
I know it is always mine
here within me.

Mind in a different world
in a place mine alone,
I know it does not exist
but I go there and come back
bringing wonderful things
all I truly wish for,
to add to all that others bring
from their worlds
sharing our wonderful things together.

Mind can know another
realizing the other is part of me
part of us forever—
the part that makes me whole,
every sunrise, every sunset
in our eyes together.

Mind beyond shadows
lets me create wonders,
things that are perfect
pure in that moment—
not shadows of life
but the way of being alive.

Mind can see
I must listen—
so I can see:
suddenly in a moment
perhaps for that moment only
see what I am really hearing—
in Mind beyond Mind.

(R.E. Whitson)