Quiet and Silence

April 25, 2014 | Short Reflections

In our especially noisy modern world of multiple layers of
words and images, quiet is essential for the cultivation of interiority.
We seek to dampen down noises selectively so we can listen
within. Quiet thus is relative, not merely an absence of sound
or other content in consciousness. Quiet helps us to listen, to be
open to moments of spiritual awareness, to discover meaning, to grasp
and be grasped by what is truly real. To meditate seeking the
Illuminative we must find quiet to focus.

In the context of the spiritual quest, in silence we seek to be
at the center of the Mystery of the Self: truly unique and so not like
anything or anyone else, the person-self as not-thing (not nothing)
and so not consisting of a content to be seen, heard or thought.
We seek to enter a spiritual silence coming to that apparently
contradictory center of self where we experience the mystery of
ourselves in union within the Ultimate Mystery of the Absolute:
the Pleroma, the indivisibly Whole Fullness: All in all.
To contemplate, seeking the Unitive, we first must empty
ourselves——kenosis——and thus be free to receive.

to know that which
surpasses knowledge (Eph 3:19)