Season of Stillness

January 23, 2014 | Short Reflections

For me, each season of the year brings its own invitation for specific aspects of growth, for a particular focus for life’s journey.

Although on the one hand— as I age, winter poses more of a challenge to keep warm, to get about—it also provides a wonderful opportunity to relish longer nights, shorter days and a chance to “hunker in” and enjoy quiet times and moments of plumbing the depths of my own spirit and the ultimate meaning of life.

Snow—if one isn’t fighting it in traffic—brings a quiet to the land—a hush to the noise and bustle of even city life.  Early sun downs invite us to close up shop and enjoy greater intimacy with ourselves and our loved ones.  I remember hearing from a few European scholars that during war times, they had produced some of their best writing.  The curfews at those times forced everyone to live quieter, more reflective lives.

What would happen if suddenly our electrical supply dried up and we in the 21st century—adults and children had to do with less electronic media or none?

This is not a plea to give up all our modern equipment, simply an important question—to ask ourselves about what truly enriches our life.

So. . . .as winter continues, let us each take some time to reflect—perhaps that classic koan, “What was your original face before you were born?”—might be worth pondering.   Who am I—really?  In what, of what is my CENTER?

Sometimes we believe the best way to self knowledge is talking/communicating.  As wonderful as caring, respectful sharing of ideas, beliefs, feelings is—and it is amazing, the richness we can experience in deep listening to another. . . .times of silence in the presence of another, of a group, can open us to the beauty of the other, our world, ourselves.  This is one of the reasons we often ask couples with whom we work, to spend at least a short time together daily simply present to each other.  It works; it opens us to depth we didn’t experience.  It is a wonderful way of showing respect for ourselves and others.  “Be still and know. . . .”

In the Stillness is the Dancing. . . .

Click image to enlarge..                       “IN THE STILLNESS IS THE DANCING”. . . . . .(T.S. Eliot)