Transfiguration Zendo

Transfiguration Zendo invites persons of all faiths to practice zazen (seated, focused meditation). Zen is a way to Reality and to live in Reality. The term Zen (Japanese) is the (Chinese Ch’an) abbreviation from Sanskrit origins meaning contemplation not exclusive to Buddhism. Zen is the harmony of the universal and the particular.

Transfiguration Zendo Emblem
Transfiguration Zendo Emblem

Zen’s lure

Zen draws people from diverse backgrounds. Those inclined to a deeper form of prayer and a more contemplative life are often attracted to studying Zen. Zen training immerses us into the contemplative act in which there is not subject or object. Zen does not let us analyze, theorize or otherwise make assessments about prayer or life. Zen is a special transmission directly pointing to the human soul seeing into one’s nature.

The practice of Zen meditation

Zazen is the practice of stilling the mind by wholehearted attentiveness to the breath. This stable awareness with the stillness of the body, releases the mind from its ordinary thinking, preoccupations, and commentaries. Zen is a discipline requiring effort. Group practice inspires encouragement, confidence, and regularity.

Benefits of Zen practice

Practiced earnestly, Zen yields unfolding and deepening insight into the unity of life. This insight:

  • Reveals to us our capacities
  • Appeals to our gratefulness and generosity of loving kindness
  • Helps us penetrate the present moment with direct immediate perception
  • Primes us to be alert to the contingencies of everyday experience